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Installation Guide

This page provides the Quartz WebManager requirements and global guidance to install each component.

Security concern

As reminded in Quartz documentation, exposing a task scheduler through a user interface can be very useful, though it can also be extremely dangerous.
For instance, a job that runs command on the server could be used by malicious users to take controls of your system - with all the consequencies that you can imagine and maybe more.

As a result, the installation process should be handle with care and all steps should be done with security in mind.

Quartz documentation: Best practices - be careful of Security

Minimum requirements

  • A Windows environment
  • A Microsoft SQL Server that supports dacpac deployment (2012+)
  • An Internet Information Services (IIS) Server with the .Net Framework 4.5 (IIS 7+)
  • A good knowledge of server administration :-)

Note: Quartz WebManager has been tested with SQL Server 2012 SP1 and IIS 8.5

Step 1 - Preparation

Before starting to install Quartz WebManager, you have to prepare yourself and defines some points :
  • Download
  • Architecture
  • Technical users
  • User group
  • Database name

Step 2 - Database

  • Database Publishing
  • Database Security

Step 3 - Website

  • Deploy Web Application
  • Configuration of the web application

Step 4 - Windows Service

  • Deploy and install the service

(optional) Install the basic tasks

  • Copy the task packages (like basic tasks) into all the bin-jobs folders of the websites
  • Copy the task packages (like basic tasks) into all the bin-jobs folders of the services

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