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Quick Start Guide

First of all, let's be honest: this page is a trap! :-) There is no "one-click" solution to install Quartz WebManager and there are two really good reasons for that : pragmatism1 and security2.
So read this page carefully, then go to the Installation Guide and don't forget to secure your application during the installation process.

1 - Pragmatism

If you're looking for a task scheduler that can be easily installed on one machine, why are you here?
Microsoft scheduler will do the job efficiently and is already ready to use.
The main purpose of this project is to provide a task scheduler that can be distributed on multiple servers and manages load-balancing and fail-over of one of this server.

As a result, the installation process will impact at least 3 servers (database, web ui and execution), and can't be "quick".

2 - Security

As reminded in Quartz documentation, exposing a task scheduler through a user interface can be very useful, though it can also be extremely dangerous.
For instance, a job that runs command on the server could be used by malicious users to take controls of your system - with all the consequencies that you can imagine and maybe more.

As a result, the installation process should be handle with care and all steps should be done with security in mind.

Quartz documentation: Best practices - be careful of Security

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