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Step 3 - Website

This page provides guidance to install a website for Quartz Manager. If you planned to have more than one website, simply repeats those steps for all websites.

Deploy Web Application

The deployment of the web application on IIS used the standard procedure, that is reminded below:
  1. Create a new application pool that use the .Net Framework 4.5 and set its identity to WEB_USER
  2. Copy the web folder of the installation package into your iis folder
  3. Create a new web site or application linked to this application pool

Note: At this stage, the web site should be functional, even if there is no data. And should display a page saying that the configuration was not complete.

Configuration of the web application

The web.config file has to be edited to set up the link to the database and set up security.
  1. Edit the web.config file
  2. Change the QuartzWebDS connection string to set DATABASE_SERVER and DATABASE_NAME
  3. Edit the quartz.config file
  4. Change the defaultDS connection string as well

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